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196 E. Main St, Ste 54, Milford , Massachusetts 01757

Phone: 508 9621913

Email: tdtbjj@gmail.com

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Head Instructor and Owner

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Carlos Terrinha

Terrinha Draculino Team BJJ Owner

International IBJJF referee

196 E Main St Ste 54, Milford, MA 01757 Gold's Gym

Milford, MA 01757


Phone: 508-9621913  


Email: tdtbjj@gmail.com


If you have a gym and would like to be associated with us, call Professor Carlos Terrinha. We want to grow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bigger in New England.











For seminars call Professor Carlos Terrinha . 508 962 1913


   Terrinha Highlight  






  • WORLD  NO GI Champion,  and Open Class Champion [2017]
  • BJJ New York PRO Champion medium heave and open ClassChampion [2017
  • Master World Championship  1 Place  place  [2017
  • Pan American 2nd Place and Open Class 2nd Place 2017
  • European Champion and Open Class Champion 2017
  • Master World Championship  2 nd place and Champion Open class [2016
  • Pan American Champion  and Open Class Champion [2016] 
  • European Champion 2016
  • Pan American Champion 2015
  • European Champion and 3rd place Open Class 2015
  • Master World Championship 2 nd place [2014
  • BJJ New York PRO Champion medium heave and open ClassChampion [2014
  • Pan American No Gi Champion and 2nd Open Class[2014]
  • New York Spring Open Champion medium heavy and Open Class Champion [2014]
  • Boston Spring internacional Open  Champion medium heavy and Open Class Champion [2014]
  • 12 time Panamerican Champion, 1 St Place in [2014]
  • Master Worlrd Chanpionship,  2nd place. 3rd place open class [2013]
  • Pan American No Gi Champion and 2nd Open Class Champion[2013]
  • Boston Open summer Champion 2013
  • New York open  Champion, and  open class Champion [2013]
  • Pan American 2nd,  [2013]
  • Boston Open Champion and 2nd at open class [2013]
  • Master Worlrd Chanpionship, Champion  and 3rd place open class [2012]
  • Boston Open Champion and open class Champion [2012]
  • Pan American No Gi Champion, 2nd Open Class[2012]
  • New York Open champion [ 2012 ]
  • April 2012 Terrinha was muved up to #1 in the world at IBJJF ranking in Senior 2 division and keeped it until 2015
  • Pan American  Gi Champion and place[2012]
  • BostonOpen  Champion and open class [2011]
  • New York open  Champion, 2nd open class [2011]
  • Pan American  Gi 3rd place[2011]
  • New York open  Champion [2010]
  • Pan American No Gi Champion, 3rd Open Class[2010]
  • New York open  Champion and Champion open class  [2009]
  • Pan American No Gi Champion,[2009]
  • Pan American No Gi Champion with Draculino,  and  Open Class Champion [2008]
  • Pan American Champion,[2010]
  • Pan American 2nd, open class 2nd [2008]
  • Pan American 3rd, open class 3rd [2007],
  • Pan American 2nd, place,open class 3rd [2006]
  • Pan American Champion,[ 2005]
  • Naga hall of fame [2004]
  • Three Time Brazilian Champion [Braz. League]
  • Brazilian Team Competition Champion
  • Rio vs. Minas Challenge Champion
  • Pan American Champion, 2nd Place Open Class [2001]
  • BJJ World Champion [2000]
  • Three Time Pit Bull Tournament Champion [Rio de Janeiro]
  • Multiple State Titles, Minas Gerais










Greg Andreola

Black Belt under Carlos Terrinha

 Kids Intructor

Ana Carolina Terrinha

Purple Belt

  • 1st Naga RI 2014
  • 2nd Place NY Winter Open 2014
  • 3nd place Boston Winter Open 2014
  • 1st Place at Naga Albane 2014

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