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For all students and parents.
Today (March 13), we will not have class because of the weather.

Stay safe today.




Professor Terrinha wants to thank you to all student for the support at the Team Promotion and the challenge. You guys make the day so great and enjoyable at the lake that we are tinke about do again next year. Next promotion will be in November at golds Gym and will be Belt promotion and challenge, be already for the promotion and to make the challemge bigger then the last one. I am sure that you all have the same gol as a team to make the team great bjj in New England.  Thank you all.




White Belt Master  168 Lbs

1st   Michael Hibert

2nd  Rodolfo Andrade

3rd   Dan Conastra


White Belt Master  208Lbs

1st   Asa Leausa

2nd  Serge Korepin

3rd   Cornelious Sheehan


White Belt Open Class

1st   Cornelious Sheehan

2nd  Tyler Thomas 


kids Gry / White Stripe Belt

1st  Dianna Pachico

2nd Elena Pachico



Blue Belt Master  154.5 Lbs

1st  Jeff Coger

2nd Jules Embry


Black Belt Open Class

1st Alex Alberg

2nd Marcelo Kobayashi

3rd Guilherme Verissimo




This photo show the Terrinha Draculino Team at Caxcudo World Cgampionship 2017

Official photo of tha Caxcudo ChampionShip 2017 Podium

Terrinha Draculino Team is the Team  Champion

Competitore at Caxcudo World Championship2017

Enzo Scher             4 to 6 division Light Weight

Alex Ferreira          6 to 7                 Feather

Ricardo Tavares Jr 10 to11             Middle

Geo Vana Gonzaga 4 to 5              Feather

Juliana Yaustela      4 to 5              Middle

Jannifer Tavares       8 to 9             Rooster 

Gabriela Frangioso  10 to 11        Rooster

Amelia Hanlon          10 11            Medium Heavy

Mariany Trugilho       12 to 13       Feather

Matheus Rocha         6 to 6           Light

Diana Pachico           8 to 9           Light

Alena Pachico           8 to 9           Light

Jonah Kirby                10 to 11      Rooster

Jonah Kirby                Adult            Middle

Oliver Mautner           Adult          Medum Heavy

Freddy Ramirez        Adult           Feather

Scott Saywer             Adult          Medium Heavy

Carlos Desousa        Adut          Medium Heavy

Jules Embry-Pelrine Master       Feather

Cules Fransico          Master       Feather

Edwin Ruiz                Master       Medium Heavy







Picture bellow, Professor Terrinha in the podium  at the European championshipe 2017 Medium Heavy Division


Scott Sawyer 70 times show up in class.



Elena Pacheco 115 times show up in class



Picture Bellow, Professor Carlos Terrinha at the podium in 2016 at the Master World championship Open Class.

Professor Carlos Terrinha no podium do Pan 2016 Open Class

Professor Carlos Terrinha in the podium at Pan Americano 2016 Medium Heavy division

Professor Carlos Terrinha in the podium at the European 2016 Medium Heavy division

  • Get ready for the next belt promotion soon. More information will be here.  

To all Terrinha Draculino Team.
Professor Terrinha will be traveling In August  24th to 29th for the World Master Championship in Vegas to represent the Team. Class will be normal , Greg Andreola, Justin Santamena And Ana Terrinha will take care of the class. the Morning Class will be a Open Match and Carlos Terrinha Jr will be the to organize the class.

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 Dustin Santomenna is the new Black Belt under Professor Carlos Terrinha.

Congratulation Dustin, now you are part of Jiu Jitsu Black belt and you will know how it looks like and the responsibility of this Belt. Welcome to the Black Belt level.

Thank you to all students, you showed me how happy you were and how much you appreciated the Promotion meeting.

I heard from some of the students that the food was great , the t-shirts came out nice, the time that they spent meeting new students, their families and a nice talking to everyone was great. I was happy to hear from some of you guys that you can't wait for next promotion. This is what makes me work hard for a month to get it done nicely for you all. Thank you for your feedback.                     

 Like Cleber Sousa (blue belt 3 degree, first promotion in the Gracie Barra Team) told me,” It was great to be able to take pictures like this with friends, family and a lot of black belts around me in my  promotion. It is a priceless experience. I will save these pictures for ever so I can look back at the memories.” 

Kids had a lot of fun at the promotion. We had a lot of fun wit them because they are the future of Jiu Jitsu.

I want to say thank you for the students who worked hard to keep Gracie Barra  at the top of the podium. Gracie Barra Back Bay and New England kept Gracie Barra one more time ahead in the New England raking with 11 first place at Massachusetts Brazilian Jiu Jitsi Federation.

Thank you to all of you guys and keep work hard, it is good for you and your team.

My team Did a good job working and competing at Boston spring open 2014. Thank you all for represent the Team and help the tournamen.

In Aplil 5th Professor Carlos Terrinha became 5 time Boston Open Champion and 4 Time Open Class Champion.

I want to say tank you to the Black belts Thiago and Greg for the support and train,  my student and my master Draculino. If wasn't it, i will not make the 1st place. Specialy to my famile, May son  and my daughter  Carlos Cadu Terrinha , Ana Carolina Terrinha  and my girls friend Pollyana for the support in my life.  

Professor Carlos Terrinha became 12 time Pan American Champion at Calofornia in March 16 2014.

I want to say tank you to My students and friends who was training wit me to get me already to this competition. Specialy  My Black Belt Greg Andreola and My friend Black Belt Thiago from Magu Team Brazil. Mestre Draculino once again i was able to represent your name well at Pan America championship and i am so proud to be 1 of your Black Belt and be able to do what you do on the macht  in your jiu jitsu Career. Thank you again Meste Vinicius Magalhaes Draculino.

Professor Terrinha wants to invited the whole Team to come with as in February 9nd to Wachusett to snowboard day. Please let we know so we all can have a good time as team at a fun meeting tame.

November 10th Gracie Barra New England once again represent Gracie Barra at Caxcudo World Championship in Massachucetts and was aworded champion again. Gracie Barra NE jump up to 10 times champion in between Massachusetts State Championship and caxcudo WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at MASSBJJF RANKING. Professor Carlos Terrinha are very proud of his Team as we do not have a lot of competitor in the team but we bring the quality to the tournament.  God job you all Gracie Barra student keep compet and do not let nowone change your mind, Jiu Jitsu is for everyone but be a champion is only for who are brave.

Picture of the Team Champion Bellow. AHA UHU UHU E GRACIE BARRA.

Nome of the champions

Alex Guerra          White Belt     58     Lbs

Cam Ramos          White Belt     66.5  Lbs

Felipe Guerra        White Belt     86.6  Lbs

Nick Thiboult        White Belt      79.8 Lbs

Brian Moreira        White Belt      89.8  Lbs

Carlos Terrinha Jr  Whit Belt       98.0 Lbs

Sean Roman         White Belt        168    Lbs and Open Class

Dustin Testa         White belt       181.5 Lbs

Ana Terrinha        Blue Belt          129. Lbs

Ppat Gilbrid          Blue Belt        154   Lbs


Terrinha Draculino Team Groing in New England and we are welcom to infor that we have a new location associated with as. Now the team getting bater  and biger.

Welcome Jason Petterson  To Terrinha Draculino association.




Battlecrew MMA

56 Worcester rd. Webster, MA 01570

www.battlecrewmma.com   Phone 774-230-8562













March 3  Gracie Barra New England was represented by 6 student at Boston Open. Professor Terrinha wants to say thank you to all students who competed and did hard work to represent the Gracie Barra. Professor also wants to say Congratulation to

 Paul cumes 1st place  

 Marcos Carapia 3rd place . 

Picture bellow, Terrinha at the podium. 


April 19  Gracie Barra New England was represented by 5 student at New York Open. Professor Terrinha wants to say thank you to all students who competed and did hard work to represent the Gracie Barra. Professor also wants to say Congratulation to:


Carlos Terrinha 1st place medium haevy and open Class.

Paul cumes 1st place

Diana Weisback  3 rd place 

Tiffany Trieger Second Place




Gracie Barra New England steel #1 at New England Ranking from MASSBJJF.


Competitores who represented GBNE at Caxcudo New England Open 2014


1st place Michel Bianchi - Child - White Belt LIGHT 48.9 Lbs

1st place Cam Ramos - Child-   White Belt MIDDLE HEAVE 73.1 Lbs

1st place Samantha Martins- Teen- white Belt LIGHT 106.0 lbs

1st place Felipe Guerra- Adol Gray Belt HEAVY 106.5 lbs

1st place Carlos Terrinha Jr- teen FEATHER 98.0 Lbs

1st place Blze Chatham- Adult White Belt Light   167 Lbs

1st place Sean Roman- Adult White Belt MIDDLE   181.5 Lbs

1st place Ana Carolina Terrinha- Junior Blue Belt FEATHER 129.0 Lbs

1st place Bryan Rossy- Adult Blue Belt LIGHT 168Lbs

1st place Jason Zilch- Adult Blue Belt SUPER SUPER HEAVY   221.5 OVER

1st place Paul Cumes- Adult Blue Belt FEATHER 154.5 Lbs

1st place Priscilla Devitto- Adult Blue Belt LIGHT 152.0 Lbs

1st place Jason Patterson- Adult Purple Belt LIGHT 168Lbs

1st place Open Class Ble / Purple- Jason Zilch


2nd Place Brian Moreira- Adol- White Belt LIGHT 86.6 Lbs

2nd Place Marcelo dos Santos- Adol Gray Belt HEAVY 106.5 lb

2nd Place Alan Neri- Adult White Belt FEATHER   141.5 Lbs

2nd Place Jeff Bousquet- Adult White Belt Light   167 Lbs

2nd Place Matthew Fanning- Adult White Belt HEAVY 208 Lbs

2nd Place Open Class Ble / Purple- Patrick Gilbride


3RD Place Jared Ferschke- Adol white Belt LIGHT   58.4 Lbs

3RD Place Alex Guerra- Adol Gray Belt LIGHT     71.4 Lbs

3RD Place Devon Champagne- Adult White Belt MEDIUM HEAVY 195 Lbs

3RD Place Open Class- Sean Roman- - Adult White Belt

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